2005-10-31, 10:15 a.m.,

Another Halloween. I think maybe this year will be the last time I do a Halloween party. I love getting all dressed up and decorating the house and all, but man was it absolutely exhausting this year. It was also such a very different crowd than in previous years. Lots of people brought friends and partners and at one point I was on our from balcony and about 3 taxis lined up outside our house and a heap of girls (girly-girls) piled out all decked out in party attire and every single one of them had these little headband with little ears. Bunny ears, mouse ears, cat ears, devil horns and so many fairy wings. Come on people....itís Halloween..dress up!!! The whole ďIíll just wear my sportsgirl party dress with little mouse ears will be suitable does NOT count.

How disappointing. But we did have some good costumes too.

But overall the party went well. And we had a rainy clean up day yesterday which always seems to happen. Itís good I guess, means you get to clean up and stay in snuggled up in bed having a cloudy rainy movie day with lots of rest and recovery.

Iím very interested to see how other peopleís photos turned out.

I also had a really good chat with a friend of mine who I donít see very often, but when I do, sheís like a huge breath of fresh air. Sheís real and honest and says things that just make sense. It was so good to see her and chat and sheís always good value for some honest humour and truth that can only really be said in hindsight. But Iím glad to know when I feel alone in my little world sometimes thereís people on my side and just because they donít tell me so doesnít mean they arenít supporting me. But sometimes hearing things from their mouths when they know itís safe to say them just warms my heart. And I would never ever encourage it as a ploy to make me feel better which is why its all so genuine and heart warming when it happens at unexpected times. Just a random little quip and a supportive hug and I know things are right and better now.

What else? Oh yes, my girl and I are going away this weekend. One of the hotels that advertises with us has redone two of their facilities on the coast and has asked me to come up for the weekend to stay and see them both. One of the hotels has redone their spa into this huge 4 star luxury day spa and has booked us in for a couples spa package. I know to most people this would sound like luxury, but to both of us, who have issues with massages and strange folk touching us, itís a bit creepy. But I think weíre going to have to be brave and do it together. Iím sure itíll be fine when I stop freaking out about it.

Then in two weeks its off to the Barrier Reef. And in about 3 weeks from then Iím off to Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York. Whew.

Gwennie will need a nice big bed and lots and lots of sleep. The spa package might come in handy then when Iíll be too tired to feel creepy about it.

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