2005-11-07, 11:07 a.m.,

What an unusual weekend.

We went away to the central coast for my work. This hotel chain has made some renovations and such to a few of their hotels in the regional coast area and invited me up to stay in a few of them and have a look around.

It seems that everyone in these small central coast towns fall off the face of the Earth at precisely 5:30 pm because everything was closed, every shop, the streets were barely occupied. It was kinda creepy. And the few people that were out at that time...well they were kinda creepy. We were left to entertain each other on Friday, which I was much more inclined to do rather than spending the evening wandering about rainy Newcastle. We did come across an amazing bar that was absolutely huge and all art deco style. But it was pretty quiet inside, which suited us at the time really.

Saturday we spent the day driving around to the little beaches and tiny country towns and national park areas. The we found destination number two, Terrigal. What a very small quiet little beach town. Forced relaxation really as there is so very little there to do, but it was really nice. My girl and I went out to dinner on Saturday night and straight away spotted this girl with a beautiful face and an amazing name, Scarlet. Itís an absolute rare event that both she and I find someone attractive but straight away when we left the cafť that night and went out next door for drinks, our conversations went from a jest-full admiration of this girl to discussing the notion of bring dear scarlet back to the hotel with us. She made for an interesting night. And itís sort of a shame (but probably a safe thing) that we are both far enough away to not see her face here in Sydney.

Sunday morning the hotel booked the girl and I into a spa day. I was a bit weird about it because both she and I have this thing abut massages and all and Iíve never been to a full proper day spa. So we psyched ourselves up for a facial, thinking a facial was pretty tolerable and non-intrusive. Come to find out, the hotel booked us in for a foot bath, tea tree body scrub, massage, facial..yeah, the whole bit. Long story short, I absolutely loved it. It was so relaxing and by the end of it all I reckon the lady could have sawed my leg off and I would have been ok with it. Stopped on the way home to meet up with some friends for a bit and came home feeling so relaxed (and little sunburnt.) But oh my god how soft is my skin!!! Cant stop running my hands over my arms.

Nix made fun of me last night when I told her that thereís something about her that makes me sort of animalistic in that I just love the natural smell of her. I have to fall asleep with my face close to the back of her neck where the natural musk of her is at her hairline. Itís calming and comforting. I imagine it must be the same sort of way that animals identify with home, with where they belong.

Thatís a bit of a lame way to explain it and she made fun of me a bit as I knew she would but every morning I wake up and kiss her goodbye inhaling this scent of her sleeping self and itís comforting.

Anyway, this is a weird entry (and long) so off I go back to work......printer deadline today!!

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