2005-11-09, 9:06 p.m.,

Have a movie and dinner with a good friend that I havent seen in ages. What a great night and I really missed the conversations we have.

I'm drowning in about a thousand things to do before I go away. I worked from home today and found that I spent most of the day trying to catch up on house stuff and running personal errands rather than doing a lot of work things. I did go to a lunch meeting though, which was partially productive.

Leaving on Monday and I've barely even thought about packing and what I'm taking with me, what I need for work.

Absolutely exhausting. Especially since our dog is acting a bit weird. Perhaps he's just tired from his weekend with the people who minded him, but he just seems stoned. So I've made him an appointment at the vet. He's due for shots anyway.

Sleepy me, and I have an article to write before bedtime.

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