2005-12-26, 12:56 a.m.,

The days that I've been here have flown by but at the same time I feel like it's been a thousand years since I've been home in Oz with my girl and our dog.

Today we spent Christmas with the little ones and did all the gifts and funt hings and I really thought that being here would get the babie thing out of my system but it hasn't. I'm so keen to have a baby now it's scary. I reckon maybe 2 years.

Anyway, want to see a cute pic of me with my littlest nephew. He's so amazing. I spent so much time just cuddled up to him and he just looks at you with these old soul eyes. I absolutly love him.

I wrote in here a few days ago about ehe day my mom and I were driving and a huge white owl flew in front of our car in the middle of the afternoon and how seeing an owl during the day is a HUGE omen of death. Then at my grandfather's I noticed the lamps that had white snow owls on them. We've been freaked out thinking that something was going to happen to my grandfather as he's been progressively going downhill since my grandmom passed 2 years ago.

This morning my mom was taking pictures at christmas and my grandfather came here. She took about 20 pictures on her camera and this was the only one with my grandfather in it and it's also the only one that has these white orbs in it. The biggest orb on his chest is over his heart which is really strange because he just had heart surgery about 2 months ago.

The photo is of me and my brother and now my mother and I are convinced that he's going to die soon. He wants to be with my grandmom and makes no secret about it. I get these weird premonitions of the time and lately have been getting those dreams by the handful where people come to me and tell me how they died. I think he's going to be one of them soon. I'll try and get the pic posted in here very soon.

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