2006-01-11, 9:46 p.m.,

Newport beach/pittwater was beautiful in that way that I sort of feel like what I saw was so peaceful and lovely but we sort of came and went so quickly with work that we didn't really get to give it a chance. We arrived around 6:30 and they booked us in for dinner at 7 at this restaurant with amazing views, good food, very elegant. But it's weird how hard it is to just enjoy something when its clear that the staff have been told to be on their best behaviour, how they fall over each to wait on you and be overly polite. These are 20 somethings..people who would in most cases be people who might be my friends. I wanted them to relax, to just be. Not to worry about bring the right wine and a tasting plate from the chef and show me the selections of meat to determine if my meal would be the best selection.

But I think they relaxed a bit and we shared a bottle of really nice and over priced wine and just chatted very openly and evrything just felt good. It felt calm and relaxed.

Early in the morning I was awake and having breakfast upstairs ovelooking the marina then off for a tour and photography of thevenue with the event manager before the drive home.

Shame we could't just stay. Just a bit longer.

It made me remember the night we stayed at the four seasons and had that harbour view room of the bridge and we just watched the lights from our bed. watched the city as if it were a film until the late late evening.

Am working on our trip to hawaii, getting the itinerary together. Am looking forward to having my birthday there.

Before that though, I have a heap of other work travels coming up.

I'm sort of sick of seeing my suitcase.

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