2006-02-03, 2:46 p.m.,

Six new people came on with paid subscriptions today. Thatís a lot in this industry. 6 people keen to pay about $100 for a year of mags.

I leave on Sunday for the Ghan and I haven't even thought about packing yet. Used to be that I got so excited about these trips that I started packing I advance and all, now I can't bear to pack until literally hours before I go, funny how that changes.

It's going to be weird with no internet for 4 days. Very weird. But sort of peaceful.

Black Tie gala dinner charity thing tonight for NZ National day.

Kiwis. Perhaps i'm biased but int he past year kiwi accents grate on my nerves. Almost as much as the loud touristy american ones, no offense to my fellow country men.

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