2006-03-01, 1:06 p.m.,

We found ourselves wandering circular quay last night and walked by the new bar that's there made completely of ice. It's pretty cool, You walk in they dress you up in parkas and boots and gloves and you get a half hour to walk around checking out everything made of ice. The sculptures, the antifreeze waterfall, all the benches and chais made of ice, pretty cool (no pun intended) look here for better idea: www.minus5experience.com so we went in and had a wander and a a vodka (naturally because it doesnít freeze) drink and off we went. My poor girl tiny as she is and unaccustomed to cold was chattering away. Iím in a skirt barely really feeling how cold it is because I guess my NY winter thick skin still shields me. Pretty interesting though as a once off thing to do.

This morning crossing the river (and itís still coffee coloured) there were two vulture like birds standing in the middle of the water. Now Iím certain they werenít swimming so this means one of two things. Either the summer and rain shortage has left the river so low that itís barely a river at all or there was a body floating just below the vulture birds feet that I couldnít quite see from the bridge and it was keeping them afloat.

Iím guessing itís more likely the later. It is Parramatta.

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