2006-03-14, 11:02 a.m.,

Don't know what it is about today that's got me on the verge of tears, but I think I'll credit to the following:

Iím absolutely exhausted and the medication they put me on, which is meant to kick start my thyroid and give me energy is a load of bollocks.

We still havenít found a suitable sales person for the magazine and one of the only two writers Iím comfortable enough to allow touch my mag has just decided she wants to start an importing business with her new husband importing shoes from Brazil.

Then this morning I walked out of the house and got a huge inhale of Jasmine flowers from the side of our house and I felt like Iíd just swallowed my own heart.

And to top it all off my sister has decided to get married in October, which should be good news, but I just went home for Christmas and paid about 2500 to do so, and my brother is getting married in may and Iíll be doing the same thing then. Now October too and my family must thin I make a fortune at work because I travel so much but what they donít get is that I donít pay for most of my airfares. Itís the one and only perk of working for a business travel orientated magazine. So yeah, somehow they think I have enough money to pay for three flights to New York at $2500 each time, plus have the vacation time to do it. But missing my sisterís wedding will devastate me.

And I donít want to make her wedding date about me and make her plan it around when Iím available, but yeah....doesnít look like itís going to happen. Unless of course I sell my first born child and a kidney or two to American Express.

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