2006-03-27, 11:35 a.m.,

The weekend was a little different from our usual stuff, we were more like tourists in our own city, having a long long lunch over the harbour just relaxing and for the first weekend in as long as I can remember neither of us had to set an alarm to be somewhere early. It was perfect. Lots of sleep in's and cuddles and having lots of fun together.

Tonight a good friend of mine is having her acting recital in Darlinghurst so weíre off to see her. I feel like a proud mommy going to see my childís ballet recital or something. Its essentially 20 students all doing 3 minute monologues, but of course I have to go support her. Iím really excited to see it. So she came over for a bit yesterday and practiced her lines with me and she did really well.

And my relaxation must have got the better of me on Sunday when stupidly (as Iím prone to do) I reached my arm straight into a candle with this thick fabric and wax coated inferno of a wick that actually stuck to my skin and continued to burn. Not pretty. So I have this bandage on my right forearm. Iím lucky it doesnít hurt. But it looks shocking. Iíve had it covered now since yesterday morning out of fear of looking at it. It took awhile of picking wax out of it before I could cover it properly. So gross.

But I do that, vague out and forget that things like fire burn, or that when you put a try in the over you need a pot holder to get it. Such a space cadet.

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