2006-03-28, 2:59 p.m.,

My very first speaking gig as a ďprofessionalĒ publisher:


Pretty funny hey?

Went to the drama recital last night, it was really interesting getting little snippets of a bunch of different plays. Some of the students were really excellent and some were just so-so. And despite being biased, my friend was definitely one of the better ones.

The burn on my arm is looking much better than I expected, but itís still not pretty at all.

Iíve had two weeks were I havenít been on a plane to go anywhere and it sort of feels weird., kinda like Iím not working at all despite the fact that Iím stressing all day at work. No fear, I have a flight booked next week, should feel back to norm in no time.

Iíve been listening to so much Coco Rosie today I canít stop hearing it event when the headphones are off.

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