2006-04-02, 3:51 p.m.,

Had such a nice night last night. It'd been ages since we just lit the fire burner in the backyard and had friend over. The three of them and the two of us, was so nice to see them and just drink wine all night and sit around the fire and get loud and make the neighbours wonder. Talk about scandalous things.

I can only image what the guy next door must think of us, but we went to bed late, left the fromn door open for the cold air and burried ourselves under a ton of blankets.

This morning we woke up relatively early considering the time we finally went to sleep and had an extra hour with daylight savings to have some cuddles, watch the L word and just enjoy being warm and cuddly in a cold room.

Them we had the grand scheme to walk to chinatown from our house. Long long walk but we did it. And now we're home and very very tired......

Good weekend though. ANd next weekend I'm off travelling again.

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