2006-04-18, 1:03 p.m.,

Funny little story..last Wednesday I was feeling like super crap from the depths of hell and had an event to go to that I really HAD to go to, no getting out of. That same morning the girl rang to tell me she bought an ipod. So I rock up tot he event, feeling pretty gross and snotty and cold-like and guess what? I ďwinĒ an ipod. I use the quotations because I truly believe people in the media donít just ďwinĒ anything. We win stuff on purpose so we will write nice things about people hosting the vent. Seriously, I have never ever been so lucky at winning things as I am now that I have this job, itís just too coincidental for me.

Anyway, we are now a dual ipod household and I realise now what a little community ipod users are. This morning on the train at 7 a.m. There were 12 of us in the section of the carriage and 7 of us had little white earphones in. Unreal.

The most exciting thing is, however something Iíve stumbled across quite accidentally. Iíve been quietly collecting Gerda Wegener artwork since I came across some of her erotic artworks. Most of what I have is very much girly sorts of bedroom and bathroom prints and Iíve been quietly hunting her erotic artwork, but each time I found an auction selling a piece (and they are hard and very rare to find) they would sell for a fortune. But the gods are looking out for me my friends because in a warehouse in America some guy found a hand bound book of her erotic prints. The entire collection, signed in pencil and complete in the whole set (where one and two prints were hard to come by I never in my dreams thought Iíd find the entire collection) and very very old. He found them, in a warehouse trunk with a tiny bit of water damage to the corner of the cover but the pieces are very much intact.

And now I own them. They are making their way across the great oceans, insured and waiting customs clearance and Iím all kinds of excited in lots of ways about getting my hands on it. Iím an art geek, I know and Iím not exactly sure what Iíll do what I actually hold the book but Iím certain my heart will stop beating for just a moment. Maybe longer.

Must advise the girl to be on hand with an oxygen tank in case of emergency.

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