2006-05-01, 11:43 a.m.,

There's so much I could say about everything that happened this weekend, but I'd be writing forever and doing little to no work at all today. And I must get work done today because we are going on holiday for a week starting Thursday and I must get a bunch of things done beforehand.

Nix and I had dinner on Friday night and Saturday morning I had my little sister who made me the cutest little birthday card book. It was too precious. All these pictures she drew with stickers and everything.

Then the birthday debacle. The trouble with my friends and getting them all together with alcohol is this: most of the are pretty fucked up and have pretty complicated fucked up problems, especially over the last year. Alcohol is a depressant and I’d wager that a large portion of the folks at the party are either depressed or on anti-depressants, which makes for a bit of drama along the sidelines of the evening which my friends were dear enough to keep from my attention for most of the night in an effort to make sure I had a good night. Yesterday though I get all the drama reports.

Most of it just being bickering and relationship he said she said (or in the case of my friends she said/she said.) Lots of people I didn’t’ expect to see turned up and lots of familiar faces I had seen in awhile surprised me. Was great to catch up with lots of folks. At one stage a group of my work friends were asking me who everyone was as they were “world colliding” of work and social friends. They were asking about pretty much everyone at the party and as timing would have it, they asked who Chantal was as she was standing a few feet away with 2 friends she brought with her.

I was explaining to them that the people she brought with were friends of hers who’s names I couldn’t remember and she turned around to see them looking her way and me talking. Which at that moment I said to a work mate “That’s great that everyone was looking in that direction, She’s going to think I was talking about her.” And sure enough as she was leaving, she informed me that she attended because I invited her and she thought it would be a ice thing to do and that she didn’t appreciate me “pointing her out as the bitch to everyone in the room”. Which really gives me a lot of credit considering that there were probably about a hundred or more people in the room. After trying my best not to laugh because she wouldn’t be her without a tantrum, I explained that my friends asked me who her friends were. Whether she believed me or not, I’m not losing sleep over. But she said she came to do something nice and I said I invited her to be nice and we let it go at that.

I seriously think I will never have a large group party for a very very long time. Small groups are so much less hassle. And people in general are just fucked.
Regardless I had way too much to drink was harassed my a drunken homeless asshole on my way home in the wee hours of the morning who proceeded to sit outside our house awhile in his car that was packed to the gills with rubbish.

Yesterday I had to get up and force myself to pretend like I wanted to be at the very last fashion week event of the year. Which consisted of a runway show with lots of sheer clothing and plenty of nipple action. Poor girl’s top came down and had to walk the whole runway just like that. The media went wild snapping, bless her poor thing. Cocktail function last night and I was chronically yawning so much by 8:30 I thought I would pass out.

Cut out early to make it home for a birthday romp with the girl and overslept this morning my an hour because I was so tired and the cuddles just felt too nice to leave bed.

Can’t wait for this holiday. 2 more days.....

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