2006-05-16, 12:07 p.m.,

I've realised that I still haven't put my Nimbin photos on the diary yet. I will, dear friends, I will. I will add it to my list of all the things I know I should do that I just havenít been bothered with because Iíve been too distracted by the rest of the world. Lump it together with sorting out my driverís license from Yankee land and getting my stupid headshot taken so I can put it on the back of my book which has been ďbeing publishedĒ now for whatís probably close to a year.

My mom sent me all the photos from my brotherís wedding and it did make me really homesick. I feel so bad that I couldnít go. Especially not with the trip I just made to NY in December and I have Hawaii in August and my sisterís wedding in NY in September. Gwennie is just not that rich to buy oh so many airline tickets. I think I need to make very good friends with more airline PR folks who are willing to give me tickets. Speaking of being given things, Iíve realised that I have been so heavily supplied with cosmetics and hair products and nail polish that I could nearly open my own pharmacy. And the funny thing about it is that they have no bearing whatsoever on my magazine. I reckon I do have it pretty good here. 8 different mags being published in one building and a lot I mean A LOT of freebies get sent here everyday. By the boxloads because companies what us to write about their products. I canít remember the last time Iíve bought cosmetics or shampoo. Seriously well over a year.

No Iím also aware enough to realise how unfair it is to people in the world who donít get anything for free. Itís really a shame how it works. But are there places you can go to donate cartons of make up, nail polish, hotel vouchers, etc? I received a gift certificate for a few free scuba diving lessons and the thought of scuba diving, although nice in theory would probably freak me out so I donated it to a charity auction to raise money for Oxfam today. Made me feel good about it, but thereís still the nail polish issue....

Besides, I donít think I need scuba diving this year. Iíve already gone outside my realm of atypical activity in one yearís time by swimming with sharks, hot air ballooning, sea kayaking with dolphins, walking on glass off the sky tower, helicopter travel, snorkelling at the barrier reef, taking a train across the country, a few strange and stressful overseas Asian adventures..yeah, Iíve definitely got nothing to complain about. And I might say that Iím pretty proud of myself for taking on all the weird things I would never normally consider.

Anyway, all that aside, I seriously need to move on to my next hurdle to tackle. Having to move. Eek! With the house we currently live in going under renovation in August, I donít foresee it being a very liveable place. I swear I am so bloody sick of moving I could just puke. I really really wish I could just buy a place and get over it all. I really think that I would be willing to buy something simply so I would never have to move ever again.

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