2006-05-28, 12:27 p.m.,

I've been feeling so tired lately, like I could just curl up and sleep at any time.

Friday I was coming home from work and the woman on the train platform next to me smelt like sandalwood oil so strongly it made me nearly vomit. I had to change carriages.

There's suggestion in the office of my job moving to Melbourne. And I'm meant to have a meeting on thursday with the publisher to discuss it. Meanwhile next week I'll be in melbourne for a few days anyway. So the first week of august when the lease expires I've got to sort myself out and find a new place because I think staying here while the construction is underway will be a nightmare. And I don't particularly feel like getting a flatmate. I reckon if the move to melly doesn't happen I'll just get my own place. Sadly though, that means puppy will most likely not be coming with me to melly or to the solo house. Will have to wait and see what happens.

I have a friends overseas farewell in a few hours and I would very very much love to get a nap beforehand.

It must be the winter putting me into hybernation mode.

This house is so cold.

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