2006-08-04, 11:03 a.m.,

Ghost tour last night night was fantastic, perfect Halloween crisp but not too cold weather. It just suited it so well, I got a heap of pictures, plenty with weird things in them I can't yet quite suss out what they are but lots of orbs and misty blotches.

Long chats at circular quay, which seems to be my new stomping ground as this week Iíve spent nearly every night there, not necessarily by choice, just worked out that way. But got home very very late and this morning Iím very very sleepy after having long long chats in a 24 hour diner until the wee hours.

It was also just nice wandering around the Rocks with a camera. Itís been ages since Iíve just wandered about to take photos and I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

I think the saddest thing about humans in general is so many people are so terrified of having something really amazing and good in their life that despite how much they want it, they are compelled to ruin it and push it away. Iíve seen it happen with so many people over the past few years. People that get something that is essential perfect in every way and itís something they desperately do want and need but either they donít feel entitled to it or feel too insecure to take it and they just intentionally destroy it.
I wonder what it is about people that make them self sabotage like that?

Iíve been so excited to go home that itís making me really very homesick lately. I suppose that happens when you know that itís so close now you really start missing it more. I canít wait to go away for awhile and just see home friends, go to Kate big birthday bash, my sisters wedding...

I want to just be able to take my mom for a coffee and chat for all the times I really needed to and couldnít.

Hereís two of my favourite pics from last night. Neither are ghost shorts, will put those on later and see what everyone else thinks.

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