2006-08-25, 10:51 a.m.,

Funny story from the wedding which is funny in that not funny sort of way. Two years ago when my grandmother died she set aside all these items that are meant to be given to her various grandchildren at different stages. She instructed my grandfather, even wrote a list of who is meant to get what. At my sisterís wedding, my grandfather arrived with this crystal bowl that was passed down to he and my grandmother at their wedding in the 40ís from their grandparents. And he gave it to my sister. My sister was in tears to have this thing that has now gone through about 5 generations of my family as a wedding gift.

Then my grandfather, who has been in and out of hospital and really not going to be with us much longer asked me if I would be sure to see him before I went back. Knowing it would be the last time I see him, I went. At his house he gave me this silver tea service that was also a gift to my grandparents at their wedding. His remarks were ďI donít see a ring on your hand and donít think youíll have one before I go, so wanted to make sure you got your wedding gift now.Ē

My grandfather is nearly 90 and a retired minister. He has no idea Iím a lesbo. He simply thinks Iím 30 and probably will never get married so might as well give me the gifrt now. Itís funny in that sad sort of way.

Still battling the jetlag but at least this morning I was awake at 5, so Iím slowly getting there. Was hoping to be at my norm today as Iíll need to be awake late tonight while Iím out. So weíll see how I go. Might be lots of red bull and vodka for me, not so great for the heart, but quite possibly my only solution to stay awake.

This morning on my walk to the train station I noticed all these posters for a guy who must be local competing on Australian Idol, posters urging us to support him and it dawned on my how much nicer my life has been not having a tv for a month. It just sits in the cabinet collecting dust. I might never get it hooked up. Iím starting to believe the argument that itís tv ruining the western world. TV and mundane small talk.

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