2006-09-07, 1:54 p.m.,

Yesterday I bought weed from my boss, as in my editorial director, which in most aspects would be kind of weird. But if you know her, it's not.

Today my boss boss (the publisher) is being interviewed by some news crew yet again in his office to be on "A current affair" at 6:30 this evening. As a joke in the office we've decided to swap over the oversized magazine cover hanging on his office wall to the latest beauty magazine which is a Christina Fitzgerald advertisement with a close-up of a black girls ass and well-polished Christina Fitzgerald fingernails digging into her ass cheeks. So if you can imagine it, it’s essentially a very dark complexion with hot pink nails and the tagline “you’ll want another piece of this...”

They interviewed him immediately in front of the poster, too afraid to ask us to take it down. Apparently they are promoing it tonight on channel nine and airing it tomorrow, I however have my launch tomorrow and won’t see if they cut out the poster or not.

And the launch was meant to be outside and with the incredible downpour we’ve had since last night, looks like I’m moving into an indoor venue, which is a bit of a pisser because the view from the Mercure Terrace is great.

Had an excellent and nerve calming night last night up until the storm. Went with a group for drinks then to see “thank you for smoking.” Went home, got completely stoned, drank a bottle of red and we listened to the rain pour in buckets onto my bedroom skylight, so loud and just resonating through the house. That together with the thunder cracking and booming and the bright as white lighting lighting up the room. It went like that all night and woke me each time the thunder cracked, sounding like it was shaking the walls.

Both she and my dog are terrified of thunderstorms and it’s kind of endearing.

At 5 am my creepy neighbour was knocking at my door, my dog was freaking out and I was not about to get out of bed so early to get dressed and answer the door at that ungodly hour. Who knocks on your door at 5? Seriously, unless your house is on fire, no need for it. When I left for the train at nearly 7 he stopped me to say the back of his house was flooded and he wanted to know if mine was as well.


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