2006-12-04, 11:35 a.m.,

Our stay at the Vibe on Friday was so nice....can't say it was quiet though. As it was right in the heart of the city and event so far above street level and into the wee hours of the morning, you'd be amazed at how much street noise carries up into the rooms through the night.

The bonus however was that as soon as we checked in the reception said that she'd upgraded us to the master suite, which I though was very nice until we entered the room and I saw just how overly nice it was.....seriously the suite was way bigger than my flat and had a music room with a baby grand piano and floor to ceiling windows all the way around the room for a 180 degree city view. So amazing that I immediately informed the girl of her required position on the piano later than evening because you simply cant let an opportunity like that go to waste. We were even mindful the next morning to check for hand marks and the like on the finish to discover that with a matted finish on the piano it leaves not a fingerprint mark....as Iím sure other suite guests have also discovered.

We had dinner in Chinatown over a bottle of wine, lots of great conversation and just really loved spending time alone with her....came home that night to a music room flooded with moonlight and surrounding city lights from every angle around us. Really amazing evening..Iím so thankful I get to go things like this....makes all the rest of the bullshit in life worthwhile really.

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