2007-01-05, 12:00 p.m.,

The last few days seem to be throwing everyone into this weird awkwardness. Lots of strange things going on with the people around me and their relationships to the people around them. Already this morning (it’s not even midday) I’ve heard two tales of cheating lovers busted in the act....a friend of mine’s boyfriend told a big fat fib about meeting up with his pates at the pub last night, she was gracious enough to let him go alone and 10 minutes out the door he accidentally sends her a text telling her that he “finally got out of the house” and that he couldn’t wait to get to the recipients place because he’d missed kissing her.

She’s pretty devastated, particularly because he immediately realised what he’s done and rang up pretending like it was a joke between him and one of his “mates” It’s just too easy to fuck up like that I think when you’re trying to be all covert and secretive. People amaze me in their capacity to think that they can be doing things behind their lovers back and never get caught out. Sure you might get lucky and get away with it for awhile, but something always goes amiss. Mess ups are just too easy to do and we’ve all been prone to the wrong text message going astray.

Once when Maxie and I broke up (in the very very early days) I accidentally sent a text meant for Nic, it wasn’t anything to cause any fuss, but it makes you realise how easily it can happen. In my case because they were right next to each other alphabetically in my phone listed as Nixie and Maxie. Too close and I immediately had to make some textual changes in my phone to solve that problem.

Regardless there seems to be a lot of head vs heart troubles in the people around me and yesterday the energy here was so heavy I had to get out of work. So I packed up an hour early and spent the night at my house for some time alone and it made a huge difference.

Anyway, the weekend is here, the working day is almost half over and I’ve got the weekend with the girl. I’m looking forward to just having a good weekend.

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