2007-01-11, 3:15 p.m.,

Everyone in the office is finally back at work, all asking each other the same question because we as a group really have nothing in common to talk about "So, how was your holiday?"

And on top of that one of my journalists has stopped by my desk asking everyone to put in $10 toward this girl's farewell that I seriously haven't ever said 5 words to. Apparently the money is to pay for some present a group of her office friends bought her, which was a certificate for a harbour jet ride. Had they asked me...I could have got them one for free. Dumb fuckers.

Office folk today are really pushing my buttons today, particularly when one of my closest friends, who sits immediately next to me got engaged last night. Now her and her boy have been ring shopping for months and everyone here knew about it. She knew he had the ring, she's had it sized, really folks, there's no shock announcement.

But yet today, all fucking day every girl in my god forsaken office has come up to her squealing like a 12 year old at a slumber party demanding to admire the ring and how big all the diamonds are. For Christ's sake people, have some dignity. You'd think they way they are carrying on that getting some ring that costs a couple of grand and a promise of marriage is the greatest thing you can do as a women and now that she's achieved it, they all have to come over and admire just how many carrots of diamonds she bled her boyfriend for to prove his love. Grow the fuck up.

Not that I'm not supportive, I'm happy for her, she is happy and that's great, but dear god, I'd be just as excited if she had a bloody rubber band around her finger.

And right now I have a group of cackling harpies behind me talking about their new year's resolutions to lose weight. I don't make New Year's resolutions ever. Simply because I am not fooled for one second by my own bullshit. I know that when Iím really really ready to do something, Iíll just do and no amount of annual goal setting is going to make me feel obligated one way or the other.

With that said, I have so many events on next week I reckon Iíll barely see my house, that is unless itís about 10 at night and Iím crawling into my bed.

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